Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How it all started

Everyone has their own reason on their addiction. My addiction is nail polish. Bright, unusual, strange colored nail polish. It all started while I googled some images for the Chanel Blue Satin polish. That's when I realized, I wasn't the only one who has an addiction for nail polish. Now I don't have a huge collection. I first stumbled on All Laquered up; in which I showed my friend, and then she started to get hooked on polishes as well! She did more searches than me however, and came upon Scrangie's blog. I was completely addicted after that. Every polish I saw I just wanted, especially greens, blues, purples, yellows, out of the ordinary colors. As months pass, my collection of polishes grew as well.

Seeing all these nail blogs doing swatches and comparisons inspired me to create my own blog to show my nail colors. Now I'm not that professional with nails yet, I tried my best to keep my manicures and polish clean looking. I'm still working on photographing my nails. My nails aren't the best looking nails in the world; I have dry cuticles (no matter how much cuticle oil I apply) and they are short. Nevertheless, I do hope that my blog attracts young growing nail addicts like me. YAY TO NAILS!

Let me show you a few preview of some of my nail swatches:

OPI My Private Jet from the OPI Night Brights collection

China Glaze Cherish from Romantique Collection

I received a lot of compliments for this color. I was told it was a color that they never seen on anyone before. I love the fact that it's metallic, and especially because it's green! :)

As you can see I'm not that great with it yet, but I'll get better within time!


  1. OPI my private jet looks awesome!

    The profile pic, the ds chiffon? I think it's called? Looks superb.

  2. Well I've read your whole blog. Starting with the most recent. Your pictures have improved. Enjoying it and hope you'll keep it up. I hate when I'm lovin' a blog and then the person never updates for ages. Hope your won't do that.