Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nails for the Week

So school finally started for me, and that means one thing: no more time for switching nail polishes all the time!! :( That's unfortunate because I can't stand having the same color for 2 days. I know that's insane, but that's me. So here were my nail polishes I've worn for the week.

China Glaze He's Going In Circles

Absolutely adore this color. I love the China Glaze's Kaleidoscope collection. It just mesmerizes me every time I put it on. I can't really put in words for this collection, but I just have to say you must get it for yourself to see the amazing, vibrant colors.

Zoya Lianne

Not so everyday color for nails. It reminded me of Halloween because of the bright shimmery orange. I love colors like these because they attract attention. As you can tell I'm not your basic french manicure type of girl. Although I love french manicures, I rather go for something out of the ordinary!

China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong

Going through my nail polish collection, I've noticed I have A LOT of blues and purples. I can't really say BBB isn't similar to others, but there's not an exact duplicate. None that I know so far. I love how it's black, yet with blue glitters. So so so cute! :)

OPI Make Love

I'm not a pink nail person but I must admit, this is the best my nails have ever looked. The color is great for the office or any job. Not too crazy, but what I love most about this one is that it also catches attention. I can't stop staring at them for some reason. My cuticles STILL looks like they're screaming for help but that's the best I could do for them. I love this pink! It is now on my favorite nail polish list!

That's all folks! Until next time...


  1. The Zoya polish looks beautiful on you. I'm putting that on my list. Such a bright and shimmery color. Makes me think of Autumn and also orange popsicles.