Saturday, January 24, 2009


So yesterday it was finally a nice decent day here in New York. Temperature was as high as high 40s! So I went shopping, and I bought a few goodies. But before I tell you what I bought let me tell you how....annoyed and pissed I was. Do any of you know those infomercial products they try to sell at little booths around the mall? Well as I was walking about avoiding eye contact with any of those people, one lady comes up to me and here's a dialogue of our conversation:

Lady: Hi miss! Can I see your nails?

Me: Um.. sure (showed her my nails)

Lady: Are these your natural nails or artificial nails?

Me: Natural nails....

Lady: Ok, great what I'm gonna do is take this off (starts removing my nail polish)

I was like WHAT THE HELL!! My freshly done nail polish!! (Of course I said that in my head, being that I didn't want to be rude) So she started using that four sided buffer. She buffed my nail, polished, and shined it. It was so stupid at what she said.

Lady: Are you ready to see the results of your nail? Promise me you want kiss me, hug me, or lift me up in the air.

I looked at her awkwardly, and then she showed me my shiny little polished nail. I looked at her like I was about to kill her because NOT only did she remove my nail polish from ONE nail, she showed me a product that I already knew of. And she tried to scheme me, telling me that the whole kit costs $79.99, but there's a special discount of 50% that day, so it would be $39.99. But that's not all!! Because she likes ME she'll give it to me $29.99 just for ME. (yea ok how many people did she say that to already?) It was some special little kit from Israel or something like that. But then again, I bought the same 4-step buffer at Sephora for only $5! And I barely use it because I don't need my nails to be shiny because there's always polish over it. How dare she!!

But enough of that. I finally went to Sephora and bought Sephora OPI Metro Chic. There's a big hype over that nail color, and I wanna see what the fuss was about.

It's a really nice color, but to me, I don't think it suits me. I can't really explain what the color is. Whether it's taupe, brown, or gray. It's unique I must say but the color just doesn't do me any justice. My cuticles are screaming out HELP! too. Goodness, look how awful they look. Time to drown my cuticles with cuticle oil!

Sephora OPI Call Your Mother

Is it just me or does this color reminds you of OPI Parlez-Vous OPI? I can't find my picture of it, but it really looks quite similar. I like it though :)

So it seems to me, my obsession with green and purple is not only on nails. It's for make-up as well.

Laura Geller Eye Rimz in Potion

It has a matching brush also! Potion is a mixed of swirled black, deep violet, and white pearl. It's like a black eyeshadow that has a hint of purple and a hint of white, which is like.. a dark lavendar... sort of. I can't really explain the color.

Laura Geller Eye Rimz in Hocus Pocus
Eyeshadow lovers must get this. It's like a black mixed with green shadow with a hint of green glitter. On the Sephora website it says, it's a mix of swirled black, deep emerald, and olive green. I really adore this color!


  1. I like call your mother on your nails. It's a very clean look lol

  2. What a bitch that woman was. How dare she remove your nail polish. I have the same kind of buffer. You can get them everywher. I won Metro Chic from Vampyblog. It was the first thing I won. I love the color and glad I didn't have to look for it. It was always sold out at Sephora.