Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Color Club Femme Fatale Collection 2009

This is the best color that came out by far this year. Black Holo. How awesome does that look? I took a pic of it in flash just to show the beauty of it. This is a must have nail polish. I see that it's already out of stock at head2toebeauty.com.

Ooooo La La
An opaque white. This took three coats. I thought it will be a boring white creme but it has a pearl white finish! As always I have trouble with white nail polishes but this one I think wasn't that bad. I like it.

Femme Fatale
No swatch on this one. This is a sheer color. I bought it because I want to try and put it over some nail polishes to see how it will come out. I haven't tried that yet so.. until then ... haha!

Well I only bought these three from the new color club femme fatale collection. They also have a catwalk queen collection in which I didn't have any interest in =X But these two colors were the best. Revvvolution and Ooooo La La!


  1. I also have Revvolution. It is a gorgeous color. Love it.

  2. i want revvolution! its sooooooo pretty! love that swatch thanks!