Sunday, March 29, 2009


We're getting a lot of rain. It's almost April, where's the warm weather and sun seriously..

Today's post is with two of my favorite nail polish brands, and MAC (which is new to me)


Hot People Like You - This was a rushed mani. I was late for class and I just couldn't leave the house with naked nails. I really love this color. I'm not a big fan of hot neon pinks, but this one has a blue-tone to it. Looks a lot better in person though!

The Grass is Greener on My side - Woooo! I love this one. It's amazing. Green aqua shimmer. This color screams "LOOK AT ME NOW!!" This is the second time I wore this color. (For those who knows me, knows that I don't usually wear the same nail polish more than once)

ESSIE Summer 2009 Limited Edition Northfork Collection: "The bluer the better"

Essie definitely did it right this time. Blue

Greenport - This color was VERY similar to Misa's Dirty Sexy Money. But this is from ESSIE!! This color is amazing, I can't really explain the color. Please excuse my dry cuticles/fabric indents on the nails. Apparently I didn't wait long enough for these to dry before heading to bed...

Sag Harbor - Greyish blue color. This one is bee-yoo-tee-ful!! I love it and it's amazing.

The other color, shelter island, I didn't order because I have way too many baby blue nail polish and it looks quite similar to a lot of them.

M.A.C Sugarsweet Nail Polishes

Peppermint Patti - This is a must get. However it is SOLD OUT everywhere. Try your local MAC store to see if they still have it. I can't stop staring at these for a good whole day! These took me three coats with no problem at 2 coats, but I like my nails with 3 coats! I really love the minty green!

Seasonal Peach - I've applied this on Friday right when I got them. I am STILL wearing them now. I have never wore a nail polish for more than 2 days! Some reason I'm really loving this seasonal peach. Although it was a pain in the tush to apply, it was streak galore! But after 3 coats it was fine aside from a few smudges, where I was too lazy to reapply 3 coats again so I just applied a thick heavy coat on the smudge. You can see it on the pointer finger. This color REALLY pops out. I love it!

I promised a few people that I would not order nail polish till April. But hey there's only 2 days left in March so it doesn't really count! I've ordered the new China Glaze KICKS collection, Color Club Electro Candy collection, and a few other colors that I fell in love with. Can't wait to play with those!


  1. Hi ! very nice blog you have here.
    Essie's new collection looks interesting and i loved the colors.
    I also loved Mac Seasonal Peach - very cute color :-)

  2. Your so lucky to have gotten Peppermint Patti. I tried but it was sold out. I hate when the polish is a limited edition.