Monday, April 6, 2009

An American Manicure

So I've decided to go for something more professional and natural looking. What's more natural than an American manicure? I decided to follow the polish addict with her choices of nail polish for an American manicure. I've used Essie's Mademoiselle, Marshmallow as tips, and Pink Glove Service.

I followed the polish addict by doing a base coat, and applied one coat of Mademoiselle, and two layers of Marshmallow on the tips. I did it free hand. And then I applied one coat of Pink Glove Service as the top coat.

I was pretty happy with the results. And many people complimented me on my "natural look" instead of having all these weird colors they've never seen before.


  1. Weird you know what ? it's fun to change sometimes and instead of "weird colors" go on some "natural look" - I like having that natural look too,occasionally . and you sure succeeded on this one :-)

  2. Thanks Tuli ;)

    I rather go with the "weird" colors hehe

  3. Very pretty! You have such pretty nails.