Tuesday, April 28, 2009

China Glaze Kicks 2009

Hi everyone!! Today I finally got the China Glaze Kicks Collection swatches done. I didn't buy the whole collection because the other colors didn't seem interesting to me. I love the colors of this collection, but I really didn't like the application at all. It was thin, then gooey, then bubbly. Majority of these are on the sheer side. Every swatch was done in three coats with a Seche's top coat.

Entourage - light lime ish green with a little hint of shimmer

I've decided to try Konad again... What you guys think of it?

Paper Chasing - I love this one. Exact green I want. It looks a little metallic, but not opaque enough to be classified as a metallic.

Custom Kicks - probably a family of Essie's Greenport mixed with Misa's Dirty Sexy Money? It's a shimmer teal that looks much darker in person.

Sky High Top - My 3rd favorite. A medium blue with slight shimmer

And trying konad again!

Fly - a purple plum like. I didn't like this nail polish at all. I mean its looks pretty. But just not on me..

How Street It is - An orange-red creme. Obviously a little too red for me. And red nails for me is like scary looking :(

b-girlz - a light magenta shimmer. Not for me either.

It is 90 degrees here in New York. I am dying from the heat as I'm typing this up. Time to get a nice ice cold lemonade! Enjoy!


  1. That's a pretty nice collecion - I love those colors you've chose and they look so good on your beautiful nails :-)

  2. entourage looks slightly similar to peppermint patti.. except it's more green and not as mint. well from your pics anyway. :)

  3. I like Sky High Top best on you. I think Fly looks pretty on your nails. I haven't bought any of this collection. I just added it to my list.