Monday, April 20, 2009

Color Club Electro Candy and other brights

Electro Candy - a hot frosty pink

Volt of Light - bright neon yellow

Tangerine Scream - my favorite one. Gorgeous neon frost orange.

Pure Energy - a vibrant bright blue

What a Shock! - my first ever Konadicure! It's not all that. And I also got too excited to try the konads I forgot to take a picture of what a shock! alone.

My second shot at konad. This reminds me of Blues Clues haha.

And as I've mentioned before, they never sent me ultra violet even though I ordered it. But they didn't charge me either. So I ordered it on my next bash of nail polishes :)

Since this entry has a lot of brights I've decided to add other brights swatches to this entry.

Essie Shorty Pants - a yellow creme, not necessarily bright, but bright enough. It's nothing close to neon tho.

Essie Mini Shorts - a bright neon orange. This hurts my eyes.

Dante Neon Green - now here's a really bright green. I got this nail polish awhile ago. I don't remember where I bought it but this is a true neon green!


  1. Your pictures are beatiful and the blue Konadicure turned out fantastic ! I also really liked that blue color :-)

  2. Cool neons! I can't wait 'til summer is here in Norway, so I can go completely crazy in colors :-D

    Also love the blue :-)

  3. Thanks Tuli! :)

    Hi Kristine! I can't wait for summer too but in New York it's already 90 degrees here! YAY<3

  4. Very pretty colors on you. I think your Konadicures turned out really well. I also love the blue best. I remember blues clues. Those Essie's are really hot. Have to get them.