Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Barielle Part 2

Woo, life's so busy & hectic that I FINALLY have the time to update and show you guys some swatches. It's late and I am very tired, ready to go to bed. So I'll show you guys the rest of my barielle nail polish hauls. I must say I like their nail polish. They apply on evenly with no fuss.

Sweet Addiction - A turquoise? creme. I can't really explain this color. It's a mix of green with blue, that's why I called it turquoise. Quite similar to Essie Greenport, and Misa's Dirty Sexy Money. But definitely different.

Lemon Drops - Alas! A yellow creme that is not so streaky, and easy to apply. I had very little trouble with the applications. This was done in four coats. It looks a little thick, but it at least applied evenly on the third coat, unlike all the other yellow cremes I own. The picture looks more mustard than it does in person. It's a lot more brighter and more on the bright yellow side.

Beaches&Dream - Peach creme. This was the only one I had a problem with. Three coats and you can see the bubbles. But the bubbles were a result of the lotion I used prior to applying the polish. So that's my fault. It was streaky and very thick for some reason. This color is really plain but great for work.

I'm sorry for the lack of update. But I promise there will be better updates coming real soon. I've ordered a lot of goodies from Zoya, including the Matte collection, and the Truth & Dare collection. I also oredered from Nubar, the go green collection, as well as the pastel collection. AND I ordered many many random OPI polishes, as well as Essie and Orly. So I'll keep you guys posted!


  1. I love Sweet Addiction, so pretty! Looking forward to seeing all of your goodies you ordered.

  2. Sweet Addiction really reminds me Dirty Sexy Money - I like this kind of dirty teal shade :-)

    And I read it right ? You've ordered the Nubar go green collection ? I'm green of envy....

  3. You've been a very busy girl Gladys! All that ordering. It is so exciting when you get the package with all those pretty polishes. Love the colors you've swatched. Especially the yellow. The first does look like Greenport. I just took that off but I loved it. I kept looking at my nails all day. Can't wait to see all the new stuff. I also ordered the mattes from Zoya.

  4. Mary - Yes sweet addiction is my favorite too! I can't wait to get my nail polishes! The anticipation is killing me!! haha

    tuli - Yes you read it right, Go green collection <3<3 :)

    Lucy - Very busy indeed but I didn't neglect my blog! Greenport is a gorgeous color! I can't wait for the mattes from Zoya. It will be my first time trying on Matte nail polishes!

  5. WOOOOOOOO i can't wait to see all of your swatches :)

    i'm currently in a "baby lilac/mauve" mode so i ordered zoya deidra and kara (and of course zoya matte collection). i'll see how they turn out.

    ahh i want to own all of these but i'm so poor :(