Sunday, June 14, 2009


This is the first time I've tried Barielle nail lacquers and I must say I am quite impressed with it. The reason I ordered was because I was looking a purple creme, and so I ordered Grape Escape along with a few others.

Grape Escape - Your deep purple creme. This was really pigmented, only two coats were needed to acquire true color. Love it, but still not quite the purple creme I'm looking for. This is very close. Anybody else have suggestions for a purple creme?

Decadence - beautiful color, bad picture. Boo, I suck at taking picture of my own nails. But this is a turquoise shimmer. Gorgeous color. Only two coats were needed as well.

Date Knight - my favorite of the bunch. Your true green shimmer. This is a stunning color, fully pigmented, absolutely beautiful. I wore this for three days straight.

Make that four days. I added konad to it just to see if it looks pretty. It doesn't look THAT great... but hey at least my konad is getting better and better :)

I have a few more Barielle shades ordered, but I've yet the time to do swatches. Oh time where have you gone?!


  1. Barielle makes some great polish and their other products that I've tried have all been top quality. You chose lovely colors! I just looked at all of my purples to see if I could recommend a creme and can you believe none are cremes? I guess I need to get some more purples :)

  2. Pretty nails. I love the green also. Like your Konadicure.

  3. These colors are wonderful and your Konadicure turned out awesome !!!

  4. Mary - Thanks a lot! Must hunt for more purple cremes!

    Lucy - Thanks! :) The green one was my favorite!

    tuli - Thanks a lot!

  5. Very cool Konadicures! Please check out my NEW blog...Ive just sterted and could use any tips!