Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Missing Polishes Collection

Ha! Two updates in a week! lol I just got back from work and I'm exhausted and pooped out!! But I'm happy to see that my readers are still on my blog even with my lack of update! Thanks guys!

So I'm putting up the swatches I've missed posting on certain collections. Not gonna leave a single one out because they're all beautiful colors!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle - What's with me and gray cremes? I love them as much as I love greens, yellows, and oranges. Concrete Jungle has more of a blue tone to it. And as always, RBL nail polishes are flawless, I can't say that enough!

Orly Mint Mojito - A minty green creme. Mint Mojito is in between green, turquoise, but not quite turquoise, but really minty green. I said that already but this is a cute/gorgeous color!

Orly Country Club Khaki - A light brown/taupe creme. This is a soothing color, very plain but not boring whatsoever. It still stands out.

Essie Flirty Fuschia - Bright bright deep hot pink. So blinding it hurts! Haha. Absolultey gorgeous color. Perfect for summer

BB Couture Poison Ivy - A green creme! One of BB Couture's best selling nail color. Beautiful color, terrible picture. I need to have a set time to take pictures, not when the sun is setting because that makes the color more yellow tone. Eck! I tried!

I can't can't can't can't CAN'T wait for my new hauls to come. I'm getting impatient!!

I use to not like creme nail polishes because I thought they were plain and "boring" but it's starting to grow on me. I still love glitters and shimmers and frost of course!


  1. Glad you've updated. All of those pretty colors. My favorite is Poison Ivy. It just looks so good on me if I don't say so myself! Love the RBL and the Mint is beautiful on you. I have to buy the mint. I have the Khaki and I do like it. The Essie is pretty and blinding. Looking forward to seeing more. I'm waiting for the Zoya mattes to come. Also the Nubar Green Collection. Hurry up!

  2. I forgot to congratulate you on your win from Mary's Body and Soul. You'll have more polishes to look forward to.

  3. Thanks a lot Lucy! I was going through my whole blog and I noticed that you commented on every single of my entries. And I want to thank you for reading my blog! I received almost all new polishes already and I can't wait to do swatches on them!! Stay tune!