Sunday, June 28, 2009

ZOYA Matte Velvet Collection

My first time ever using and trying on matte nail polishes, and I must say they are amazing. I've never received so many compliments about my nails before. Everyone was telling me how awesome and cool they look and I agree 100%. I know there are many top coats that will turn any polish into mattes. All I have is the Nubar V for Men but they are not the same as the Zoya Matte collection.

Dovima - A charcoal black shimmer. This was my favorite of the whole collection.

Loredana - A grey shimmer. Another amazing matte.

Posh - A red matte shimmer. This one gives more of a satin finish. My nails never look great with red nails but this one is by the best red on me in my opinion.

Zoya totally nailed it this time. Love this collection, the colors, and everything about it. Matte nail polishes are very tricky. They dry super fast, and any mistakes will be shown (as you can see some in my pictures) All three were done with two coats. One coat is already opaque, but you know me :)

I think after this, matte nail polishes are my new obsession. Can't wait for the other matte nail polish collections coming out real soon!!


  1. I also love the matte polishes. I haven't tried Dovima and Loredana yet. I wore Posh for 2 days. It was tough to get the mistakes off for some reason. I loved the color and the finish. It chipped very fast. I only went to bed and woke up with 2 chips. I can't wait for the other matte collections. They all look pretty on you. I wish there was a matte topcoat you could use with these. It would be nice not to have them chip so fast.

  2. Lucy - Yea I wish they have a longer wear. But they're gorgeous. I've tried Nubar V for Men as a top coat for it, and that didn't really turn out well lol