Friday, August 28, 2009

BB Couture Nail Polishes Part I

Supposedly there's a hurricane coming to New York, hence it's raining cats and dogs here. It's my last weekend of the Summer before school starts for me, and it's raining all weekend. What fun -_-

So today I decided to get all the BB Couture nail polishes done with. I thought I could get it all done but I didn't realize that I have so many..And so they will be separated into three parts :)

Venom - A frosty green. This is a nice color, although you have to be very careful during the application. The frost finish tends to leave brush strokes similar to metallic finishes.

Venice Party - A very pretty faded blue with tiny tiny tiny glitters. It's a really nice color but some reason the application wasn't so nice. As you can see it looks very bumpy even after a top coat. Awkward..

Punk Rock Pink - This color is blinding to stare at. A hot neon pink. Need I say more?

Opposites Attract - A dark gray with glitters. This does remind me of concrete because if you look closesly there are black-like glitters. This was also very bumpy as well. Maybe it's the tiny glitters that causes it.

Blue Suede Shoes - The bottle itself looks more purple than blue. After applying three coats it looks blue. What an interesting color..

Prince Charming Blue - A bright glowing blue. This color stood out a lot. Not your typical blue frost!

And here's a comparison of one hand matte and the other original. As you can tell, the matte finish gives it a satin look (in which I absolutely love!)

Hermosa Surfer Girl - A deep pink (close to red) jelly with lots of glitters. This was my favorite of all. And as you know, I'm not a pink/red nail type of person, but reds are beginning to grow on me!

And here it is in matte, EVEN BETTER!!!!!!

Stay tune for more BB Couture nail swatches including the new limited edition Hot Rod collection! And by the way, TGIF! :)


  1. I have everyone but the Punk Rock Pink. I love this brand of polish. Poison Ivy is my favorite polish and green. Your nails looks gorgeous in every shade. I love the glitters. I can put up with lumpy glitters, it's not that lumpy. I can't put up with Funky Chunky by Lippmann. That one I hate.

  2. That last nail polish matte is gorgeous!

  3. I am going to mattify my hermosa surfer, It looks amazing!

  4. i absolutely love prince charming and hermosa surfer girl. but i don't know how prince charming would look on me lol. i like bright colors <3

  5. Hope you're having fun this weekend :-) And all of these polishes are stunning !

  6. Lucy - You have a lot of nail polishes! How come you don't have a blog? I think you should!

    gildedangel -it sure is!

    cmp381 - It does doesn't it? I love it

    ru - bright colors are the best, I think they'll look nice on your skintone tho.

    tuli - I had a good weekend. Thanks a lot!