Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lippmann Collection Celebrate 10th Anniversary Set

The Lippmann Collection available at for $35.00 celebrates their 10th anniversary with three colors:

Funky Chunky - sequined sheer black
Superstar - show stopping copper flecked fudge
Ruby Red Slippers - Dorothy's shimmering ruby

Funky Chunky - I took a pic of this in flash to show the sheerness. This was a huge disappointment for the collection. I tried so hard to get some sequins on my nails but failed. This was done four coats. Yuck!

Superstar - HELLO GLITTER!! Gorgeous shade. My reason for taking this in flash is because well I got home from work and couldn't wait to put on a new color. The sun was already setting so I couldn't capture the beautiful color.

Ruby Red Slippers - My favorite! I love this color a lot! It looks stunning in person. I love how the red sequins makes it pop out even more! Love it.

Sure this collection wasn't worth $35. Funky Chunky was a big failure, no offense to Lippmann Collection. I mean I've seen swatches done by other nail bloggers and they really do look like a nightmare manicure. At least Ruby Red Slippers and Superstar makes up the bad Funky Chunky!


  1. What do you do, when you spend so much money on a nail polish like funky chunky... It really doesn't look good. Ruby Red slippers on the other hand is gorgeous.

  2. I bought this also just for Superstar. I hate Funky Chunky. I did get on more junk than you did but what a horrid mess. I really think someone screwed up badly with that one. I bet if they allowed people to return that polish for a trade in they would be bombarded with the stuff. All my nails looked like were black nails with lumps on them. Superstar was worth it. Love that glitter. Ruby Red Slippers I only tried on one finger. I have to wear it as a whole manicure. Looks gorgeous on you. Also Superstar. I think yours is the worst that I've seen with the Funky Chunky. I just have to laugh at it. I don't even know how you could make this better. Anyone have any ideas?

  3. gildedangel - it sure does!

    nihrida - Seriously what do we do? It's pricey too..

    Lucy - I agree with you. It is such an ugly polish. And mine just looks HORRENDOUS..