Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NARS Tokaido Express for Fall 2009

Greetings! Today I have NARS Tokaido Express from the Fall collection. Very rarely do I update my blog this much, but I feel like I owe you guys a lot. And I sure am making it up for you all :)

Tokaido Express - a vampy purple shimmering brown. Perfect for the fall. Pretty unique color to me! Application was a piece of cake, two coats and I'm set.

I have to end this entry early tonight. I have a huge neck pain that I can't seem to get rid of. I'm a pretty tall person and at work the tables are really short. Imagine having to look down at an awkward angle to type and look at the monitor screen for 9 hours daily. It's torture I tell ya!

OK enough ranting about work. I'll have more updates for you guys this coming weekend :)


  1. wah that looks gorgeous on you. i really waaaaaaant it but i already splurged so much on rescue beauty lounge nail polishes that i've been wanting since like february so haha.. :( sob i hope this doesn't turn out to be like a nars zulu

  2. ooooommmgggg i want thisss! looks so amazing on you!

  3. This color is gorgeous, and it looks so good on your skintone!

  4. I've been eying this, it's so gorgeous in the bottle! Looks super on your nails, too!

  5. That is just a beautiful color. You have gorgeous nails. I keep thinking of buying this. I may have to. Can you complain or ask nicely for something to be done about the height of your monitor. It's a shame to have neck pain like that.

  6. ru - this one is worth the money :)

    kelliegonzo - Thanks! Go get it!

    gildedangel - Thanks!

    Nicole - I think you should stop eying and just buy it! You'll love it, trust me!

    Lucy - Thanks! Yes you definitely need to get this color. It's gorgeous. I've made a few complaints, but they said theres nothing they can do since the desk is already like that..