Monday, August 10, 2009

OPI Matte Collection

I'm on a role updating ain't I? It is extremely hot in New York today, 93 degrees! I'm enjoying myself at home with the air conditioner on. However, running outdoors to take pics of my nails and running back in is giving me a sweat. Nevertheless, I got the OPI Matte collection all done today. Pictures first, then my review on them.

Alpine Snow - This literally looks like wite-out on my nails.

Gargantuan Green Grape - Please ignore the smudge mess on my index finger. I got lazy to redo it. Well a green matte. Reminded me of Nubar Green Tea with Essie matte top coat. I wasn't so enthused about this one. I thought hm Green yay but nope it wasn't all that. The original one is a lot better..

La Paz-itively Hot - However, this was my favorite of the whole collection. It's a little blinding to look at. This looks like silk wrapped around my nails. Absolutely gorgeous.

You Don't Know Jacques - Um, kind of boring..

Lincoln Park After Dark - This is suppose to look like a very dark vampy purple, but it looks almost black. Wasn't so hyped about this one either.

Russian Navy - I was looking forward to this one, because the original russian navy have all these gorgeous speckles on it. But where is it in matte??? However, I do like the whole navy look matte.

The whole collection to me was ehh... You weren't suppose to put any base coat on but my nails are stained enough so I put Nail Tek Foundation II as basecoat. Maybe that explains the messy application. Matte's are VERY hard and tricky to apply. Any mistakes done will be shown (as you can see on my swatches) What I also don't like about this collection is that they used old colors. I mean if we really want these colors in matte, a matte top coat would've done the job, and application will be much, much easier. But hey, whatever floats their boat!

I decide to introduce to you guys my little spoiled princess. I gave her a nice bath today since it was so hot just to help her relax in this type of weather. My dog, Bebe, is an 8 year old Papillon. I've had her since she was a puppy and fell in love with her. She means the world to me :) This is a picture of her drying up in the sun after her bath. Looked like she pretty much enjoy the sun a lot. Ain't she a cutie?

So that's all I have for you today ladies. I've plenty more to go as you can tell from my previous entries. I hope everyone had a lovely Monday, and to enjoy the rest of their Monday. Take care!


  1. Bebe is so cute! I agree on the OPI Mattes, they are kind of meh. I suck too much at applying nail polish to have to try to work with mattes like that! Thank you for swatching this and sharing it with us!

  2. Aw, Bebe's even smiling! She's adorable and I can see why you love her :) The only matte polishes I have are the Zoya ones. I'm content just matting everything with a top coat. I think it gives a nicer finish. Thanks for sharing these, I thought about getting some but the finish and the fact that you say every flaw shows, I think I'll pass.

  3. What a great collection and all of the colors looks so good on you ! La Paz-itively Hot is my favorite too.

    And Bebe is gorgeous - she looks so pretty and cute :-)

  4. i think reds/hot pinks/maybe berries? look the best in matte! a lot of those were disappointing and i'm glad i didn't get some of them!

    could you do a comparison of call me irresponsible (i think that's the name of the purple creme by lippman collectoin?) and mismas when you get mismas? :) i'm debating if i should get call me irresponsible since it looked freaking amazing on scrangie.. but then again her skin color matches like 99.9% of all nail polish lol

  5. I find it cute how you let bebe dry in the sun! And it was really sweet of you to give her a bath in this hot weather :)

  6. Bebe is so adorable. She really looks like a little sun worshiper with her pose. I bet she is a great comfort to you. I love LaPaz and Russian Navy. The rest are okay. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy any. I just might by the Essie Matte topcoat. I keep changing my mind about buying different collections of the mattes.

  7. gildedangel - I'm sure if Bebe can talk, she'd say thank you. haha. Yea what a disappointing collection. Matte top coats are the way to go

    Mary - I think matting everything with a top coat is MUCH MUCH easier than matte nail polishes. And besides, it shows a neater result.

    tuli - Thanks! Although I have to disagree with you! You Don't Know Jacques looked a tad scary on me haha

    ru - reds and pinks are the mattes. They look almost satin. Once I get mismas I'll do the comparison for you =p

    Lucy - She makes me happier than my own boyfriend. Haha kidding but she does. I love her. You definitely should get the Essie matte top coat. Definitely worth the money!

  8. Love your pup, She is so cute.

    I can't wait to get La Paz, just amazing! I like that it is more color saturataed than the original