Sunday, August 23, 2009

Skittle nails inspired by Scrangie

Hi everyone! All these nail polish swatching is keeping me busy. But of course I'm having fun with it. However, while I was going through Scrangie's blog, I was inspired by her skittle nails with konad design. I decided to try it for myself. And I absolutely love it. I received so many compliments on it and people asking me how and where I get it done. They were surprised that I did it myself. Oh the wonders of Konad<3 href="">here

All nail colors are from OPI. Thumb to pinky: Big Apple Red, Brights Power, The IT color, Greenwich Village, and Dating A Royal. Konad plates m74 with black konad special polish.

It is VERY artistic, and I adore it.

Of course I couldn't help but to apply Rescue Beauty Lounge Matte top coat on it. I think this was the only one I didn't like matte. It dulls out the bright colors. My boyfriend liked the non-matte one as well.

Well that is all I have for you today. I've plenty more to go!!


  1. so i'm guessing you like the essie matte coat the most?!?! omg i'm getting money soon~~ anddd things i MUST order:

    1) the special opi color, not named here in case it sells out LOL
    2) nubar lemon sorbet
    3) essie matte coat

    1) call me irresponsible
    2) ruby slippers (lippman)
    3) essie st lucia lilac (since i'm nto pale it wont' look as great on me as it does on rebecca :( tear)

    anyway that design is really cool :) i told you how it reminds me of the cg crackle :D haha. i think the design looks best on the opi dating a royal.

    did you knwo ChG stopped shipping to overseas!?!? (well head2toebeauty did).

    okay can't wait to see ALL OF YOUR SWATCHES. i really want to get superstar but... i dont know haha :(

  2. That is a wild look. I love the skittle nails and the Konad. Really adorable. I don't care for this matted. The polish is so bright and it's just too dull. Goes to show you that not everything looks good matted.

  3. Gladys this mani turned out so cool ! You did such a great job and it looks so fun :-) Love it !

  4. gildedangel - thanks!

    ru - that's a long wanted list haha

    Lucy - Yes I like the bright colors more than the matte

    tuli - Thanks a lot hun!