Friday, August 21, 2009

ZOYA Dare Collection

It's 3:33 AM here and I'm still wide awake. I need to cut down on the coffee... So finally got around with Zoya's Dare Collection. I was looking forward to this because I absolutely love cremes.

Vanessa - This is suppose to be a dark berry creme. However, no matter how many pictures I took, this still turn out red on my camera. It is a lot darker in real life.

Ciara - A red purple creme. Slightly similar to Vanessa but more red than berry.

Demi - One of my favorites. A semi-purple creme.

Pinta - A dark purple creme. My picture looks more black than it does in real life..

Envy - Much to my surprise I was a little disappointed at this one. This is a black green creme. I wonder if it's similar to Nars Zulu. Looks a little like it but of course not the real deal. This makes me almost curious as to how it would look with a matte top coat.. Maybe the green will show more. I will try it!

Ibiza - Shimmering black blue, a very dark blue however not close to black. Plenty of shimmers.

I didn't like the Dare collection as much as I did with the Truth collection. Guess I'm not a daredevil. Har har har, another failed attempt at trying to be funny. lol

And of course, I've ordered from OC nail art recently with some cool new plates for konads, and I also bought a few other old konad plates. I decided to play around with it.

Here's Vanessa with Konad plate m57 China Glaze OMG. I took it in flash to show the holo :)


  1. All so pretty! I haven't used the Dare collection yet, but I might have to break it out. Your pics are very nice. I liked the Truth collection quite a bit. From your pics I love Demi and Ibiza. Enjoy the weekend :)

  2. Gorgeous, this looks like such a fun collection!

  3. I think that these two collection have beautiful colors in one hand and a bit disappointing on the other hand - there are some great colors in both of them, but there are also some boring ones....

    In this collection, my favorite is Ciara.

    And since I haven't been here in a while - great to see you again :-)

  4. So very pretty on you, all of them! I have the last three. I like the dark colors. Truly I love them all. I have Demi on my list of "wants".

  5. Mary - Truth collection is the best! Demi is a great unique color. And also Pinta!

    gildedangel - Thanks! It was a little disappointing, but still great colors.

    tuli - How are you hun?! The whole Zoya Truth or Dare collection is great. Of course, there will always be SOME boring ones..

    Lucy - Demi is a great color, I think you should definitely get it ;)