Monday, August 17, 2009

ZOYA Truth Collection

Greetings! Hope all is well and not suffering from the Monday Blues. I finally got around with the Zoya Truth collection. And I must say this collection was a surprise to me. Being that I'm not a fan of metallics or reds, I absolutely adore this collection. Two reds in this collection actually looks good on me. On with the swatches..

Penny - a golden metallic shimmer. This one is more gold, looks a bit copper to me. There were a few issues with this one, such as brush strokes, since it was a metallic. But it's also such a nice color!

Kalmia - A red gold shimmer. In the sun you'll see hints of gold shimmer in this light red.

Salma -
A red shimmer. This was one of the reds I loved.

Isla - A slightly dark red shimmer. This was my favorite of the whole collection.

Anaka - A shimmer dark pink/magenta? I love the shimmer in this one.

Drew - A mauve pink shimmer. This looked a little boring to me but the micro silver glitters in it makes me like it more! Very appropriate for the fall.

Well that's all I have for you today. Don't let my pictures stop you from getting this collection. The truth collection looks ten times better in person. Trust me :)


  1. These are so pretty!!! Thank you for sharing these with us!

  2. Thanks for all your swatching. I got some of those for my 3 free Zoyas. I got Drew, Penny and Isla. I also bought some polishes. I love them all on you. I'm really crazy about Prnny.

  3. They all look very pretty on you! I've swatched this collection but haven't touched the Dare one yet. I was pretty happy with all of these too. I think Drew and Isla were my favorites in this set.

  4. wow when i saw the first picture i was like whose nails are those?!?! they look great on you!! you make me want to get penny so badly haha. actually they all look great :) but i'm kind of sick of coppers so i don't know T_T

  5. gildedangel - They're gorgeous aren't they? You're welcome! :)

    Lucy - Penny is a gorgeous color, but I have to say I love Isla more!

    Mary - I've finally touched the Dare one. Isla is GORGEOUS, need I say more haha

    ru - My nails are starting to get better. I'm doing as much as I can to take care of them.