Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Barielle "All Laquered Up" Collection

Two posts in one week!

My nails are pretty long, at it's longest... I have a feeling they are going to break real soon...

U-Concrete-Me - such a cute name! Deep gray creme, literally like concrete!

Slate of Affairs - gray blue shimmer. The shimmer is quite unique, almost like a pearl finish. Very pretty :)

Putt-e on Me - gray taupe creme.

Polished Princess - golden green shimmer. I wanna slap myself for being lazy and not putting an extra coat. It would've look a lot better!

Pin Up - a very bright hot red with golden shimmers. Reds...just doesn't go so well with my skin tone. But this is a gorgeous color.

Out-grey-geous - light gray metallic shimmer. Didn't like this one so much I don't know why..

Make It a Latte - mm latte, a warm brown shimmer. Now this is a brown I love!

Lava Rock - deep purple shimmer. Very dark purple that almost appears black.

Glammed Out Garnet - dark red shimmer. I shouldn't say shimmer, more like speckles of glitter? It looks very interesting!

Get Mauve-ing - mauve creme that leans more towards purple than brown. It's very hard to describe mauve for certain nail polishes..

Falling Star - Medium blue creme with copper glitters. Wowee! I fell in love with this color! So unique and so odd! It did cause a little application problem because it was SO thick..

Blackened Bleu - black creme with blue shimmers/glitters. This reminds me a lot of China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong.

This collection was an interesting collection, I love falling star the most.

Beginning of next month, I'm gonna have to slow down on my nail polish purchases, and only purchase the ones I really want. I'm working less since school started and I spent over $500 on textbooks. This means I won't be able to review a whole collection, only parts of it. Which kind of sucks, but whatever it's life.


  1. Sorry about your slow down on purchases. I think your books and things are much more important! Do you have a lot of your polish collection not swatched? I don't mind looking at older polishes. My collection isn't that old. I for one would love to see other polishes than brand new ones.

  2. Those all look so nice on you and yes, your nails are getting long! I hope they don't break. You'll probably discover some old or forgotten about polishes if you stop buying new ones for a while, that's what usually happens to me, so it's not all bad :)

  3. love love love the whole collection. go barielle. your nails are beautiful!

  4. gildedangel - yes it's one of my favorites too :)

    Lucy - I agree, I like old polishes more than new ones too

    Mary - That is true! While going through my stash I saw a few polishes and I'm like ...when did I get this?