Saturday, September 26, 2009

MAC Nail Lacquer by Jin Soon

Happy weekend! I have a 3 day weekend because I took off today for personal matters >_> and Monday is Yom Kippur! And then Tuesday I don't have night class (hooray!) because of a conversion day to Monday schedule! So I'm a happy chick!

So Jin Soon created a few colors for MAC. Six to be exact. I was only interested in three; Beyond Jealous, Dry Martini, and Cool Reserve.

Cool Reserve - A greyish lavender. I'm in love with these mauve like colored nail polishes!

Beyond Jealous - A blackened teal. I took this with flash hoping to show some teal because no matter what or where I take a picture of it, it still appeared as black on my camera. I tried my best :(

Dry Martini - Deep olive brown. Reminds me of RBL No More War but this one is definitely more brown and darker.

And hey hey hey! No surprise here, my nails broke -_- They never seem to grow longer than the length I have. It was a little annoying typing with long nails but I envy those with long natural nails.

I also happened to stumbled upon a Sally Beauty Store here in New York (Ok I lied, I actually drove out there on purpose) and I ended up buying China Glaze Fortune Teller. Since it was sold out online and for some reason I really wanted it. I have so many ideas coming for my Halloween mani! I'm excited :)


  1. jesus.. 45 followers. crazy!~ congratulations <3

    btw blackened teal is my favorite. is it like the sopi dark room? or better.. or worse <_<

  2. So sorry about your gorgeous nails! I want Dry Martini and I read it was sold out. I have to check around online. I really want Fortune Teller! Lucky you to have gotten it.

  3. gildedangel - it does!

    ru - thanks :) it's way better than sopi dark room -_-

    Lucy - it's ok, they have grown out a lot now! I hope you find Dry Martini! Such a nice color!