Monday, September 14, 2009

Nubar Going Green Collection

For all green lovers (like myself) this is the collection for us. Green has always been my favorite color. It's unique, at least that's what I think.. I'm glad Nubar released this and gave us six shades of green nail polishes. Thank you Nubar<3

Greener - Dark green shimmer. This has to be the best dark green shimmer of all times. Compare to any other dark green, this is my favorite. Second runner up is Barielle Date Night. I should do a comparison between the two.. hmm

Earth - Blue green shimmer. Leans a little more towards the blues.

Conserve - Another blue-green shimmer.

Forest - forest green creme. I love cremes more than shimmer, hence I love this color!

Reclaim - OMG. A green holo<3<3<3<3

Wildlife - And to make this collection better, a duochrome nail polish. A little bit of pink, moss green, and brown. Gorgeous.

Sorry if this post lacks some 'enthusiasm'. I got the case of the Monday blues...


  1. I need to order all of these! I say that everytime I see them and they look beautiful on you. I hope your Tuesday goes better :)

  2. my favorites from this collection are wildlife and greener. i have a crazy obsession with anything that is like brown shimmer/metalic or slightly copper but not too copper... kind of tawny copper? lol anyway your nails are looking lovely <3

    *please don't delete this comment* lol. unlike some other non-professional bloggers!

  3. These are really cool, thank you for the swatches! I think that greener is my favorite!

  4. I love Earth! Thanks for the nice swatches :)

  5. I ordered this collection the minute it went online. Greens are my favorite polish color. I love every one of these. I've only worn Wildlife so far. I have so many new polishes and I usually wear one for 4-5 days. Guess I'd better change sooner. They all look just gorgeous on you. You have such pretty nails.