Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nubar Modern Matte Collection

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So as I was sitting in class getting ready to take notes. I noticed today's date! 09/09/09. It would be the last single digit for us, unless you'll be alive in year 2100.

So more mattes! Not as excited as I was for the Zoya Matte collection..

Avante- Garde - I don't really know how to describe this color. It leans towards orangey maroon?

Top coat makes matte polishes come to life.

Contempo - Bright cherry red matte

With top coat.

Prevail - I'm a little embarrassed to show this picture. I didn't let my base coat dry long enough before applying this one hence the messy application. This color is a brownish purple. My favorite of the whole collection. It looks very interesting.

Especially with a top coat!

Vital - A magenta purple? Gosh these colors are so hard to describe! Another one of my favorites.

And with a top coat.

Application for these were annoying. . . like all matte's you need a lot of patience and have to be really careful. All these were done in three coats, even though two does the job. I like these more with a top coat because it brings out all the shimmers. Seriously, I don't think we need anymore matte nail polishes when we have so many matte top coats out in the market.

Of course, this collection is available on

So that's all I have for you. I'd like to mention that I really, really dislike school :(

OK bye now! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week :)


  1. Those are gorgeous, thank you for the swatches!

  2. thanks for the swatches, love the dusty purple one

  3. Well, school is definitely not the most joyable place to be, but I can tell you one thing - it will be over ! So smile :-) lol...

    And these polishes are so beautiful and that's another reason to smile :-)

  4. I hadn't seen them all swatched. I love both looks. Very pretty.

  5. gildedangel - they are aren't they? :)

    enamoredenamel - i love it too! my favorite one

    tuli - it will be over in a long time :( haha

    lucy - i love the top coat most!