Thursday, October 15, 2009

China Glaze FORTUNE TELLER and Matte Magic

China Glaze Spellbound Fortune Teller was the one nail polish I was looking forward to putting on. I went all the way to Sally Beauty to buy this one (about a 20 minute drive). It's a Sally Beauty exclusive. Definitely worth it!

A sheer black base with copper glitters. The glitters are all different shapes as you can see. It's raining cats and dogs here so I just took a picture indoors with natural light from my window. This was done in three coats because the black base was a little sheer. Two would've done the job. I can't stop staring at it xD

But of course, China Glaze also came out with a Matte top coat called Matte Magic, in it's cutest little .325 fl oz. bottle. It's so adorable, like the babies of China Glaze bottles.

Spellbound Fortune Teller looks amazing in matte. I can't choose which one I like most because they're both gorgeous.

Is anyone else stalking the essie website for the Mint Candy Apple? I know I am! xD

And I got 50 followers now! yay!

EDIT: OK I tried to fix up a layout for my blog but I accidentally deleted a code and screwed everything up. I'm gonna have to use one of blogger's template for now -_-

EDIT EDIT: Wow what's going on with me lately. This is FORTUNE TELLER not SPELLBOUND. Thanks to reader xsplattergirlx for pointing it out haha


  1. Oh, I love this, and I love it matte! I haven't been to Sally's yet to get my matte t/c yet, hopefully sometime next week - this looks great on you!

  2. Love this matte! I keep trying to comment but nothing was happening. There also isn't an email to get in touch with you. That's why I tried Twitter. Then I forgot to tweet about it! Sorry, but at least you fixed it.

  3. It looks nice...but it looks perfect when mattified. :)

  4. this looks like fortune teller (first bottle)? :)

  5. Nicole - Yes it's gorgeous! I love it too hehe

    Lucy - Matte makes it look amazing. Thanks for noticing tho!

    nihrida - perfect mattified indeed xD

    xsplattergirlx - that's because IT IS fortune teller! haha Thanks for pointing it out.