Monday, October 5, 2009

Essie Fall 2009 Collection + lil pumpkins

Hey hey! I just finished classes with two midterms. I am both physically and mentally drained from all this non-stop studying. I have three more midterms to go. SIGH! Anyways, I am extremely late on the Essie Fall 2009 collections, so as a bonus I added some adorable little glow in the dark pumpkins for your viewing pleasures :D

Chinchilly - soft light gray creme. It looks slightly taupe to me. I don't think there are any gray's like chinchilly (plus it has such an adorable name!) Reminds of the cute little critters chinchillas; in which I've always want one ever since I saw/pet one on a class trip in 4th grade (yes I still remember)

Don't you just want to say "AWW!!"?

Angoria Cardi - mauve rosey purple creme? I can't really describe this color because it's so different. Nevertheless, such an interesting color.

Mink Muffs - Warm taupe/mauve/brown creme. Another hard color to describe. Looks brown but there's more to it in person.

Midnight Cami - Deep midnight blue shimmer. Uber lots of shimmer once the sun hits. Looks a little boring because it's like a blackened blue.

Bright Tights - neon orange. This is the first time I took a picture of my right hand. It was....hard for me lol I felt like I couldn't even hold the bottle right! But I did konad on my left hand before I realized I didn't take a picture of this alone. Very bright orange as you can see from the pictures (taken under flourescent lights).

Pink Parka - Light neon pink. Another blinding neon. These two neon collections in the fall is quite interesting I must say. But of course it's cool I guess.

All in all this collection kind of surprised me. I was hesitating to get it because it didn't seem interesting to me. I'm glad I got them because they're all almost unique colors (besides the last three) But if you haven't bought this collection yet; I'd say chinchilly, angoria cardi, and mink muffs is a must have to your collection! Majority of these were done in 2 coats, except for the neons in which I did 3 coats on them.

Now for the goodies... check out these little pumpkin nail polishes I stumbled across from Rite Aid for $2. They're so adorable that I went on and buy it. These were the only two colors they had in that store, but I saw on other bloggers that there were more colors, so I'm gonna do some hunting! I added the Wet'n'Wild Fantasy Makers in the back just to make it look cute hehe

And check out the glow!


I tried my best to take a picture of my nails glowing, but the glow is really hard to capture..

And to end this entry, here the Konad I did. I actually like this one and so many people complimented on them. It reminds me of those orange creme hard candies from lifesavers yummy<3

Well that's all I have for you today!


  1. Thanks for the Essie swatches, they all look great on you! I'm dying to get some of those cute pumpkin polishes I might have to go hunting next week! I love that konad pattern I need to add that plate next order

  2. Oooo, I love the Konad you did! And those pumpkins are super cute!

  3. I love Angora Cari and Chinchilly. I would love a chinchilla for a pet, They are so cute and soft. Your nails look gorgeous. I'm skipping the neons as I have enough of them. Love the pumpkins. I have to look for them. I have the Fantasty Makers. Love it with all those colors like threads.

  4. Awwwwww! :))) Maybe this will sound weird, but i'll say it anyway. I never liked any of this colors...but they ALL look great on you. Especially chinchilly and angora cardi. Great!

  5. that is the funnest konad i've ever seen! i la la love it!! thanks for sharing :D

  6. glowing polish? that's so cool!
    It's a shame i cannot find that in my country...