Thursday, October 8, 2009

Essie Loves Diamonds by Judith Ripka

Hi everyone. I just finished 3 of 5 midterms. And not to mention I'm sick with a cold and a sore throat. I hate sore throats! And I absolutely hate being sick, I hope I feel better soon.

Anyways, Essie Loves Diamonds by Judith Ripka. I really don't know what got me to buy this collection because there was absolutely nothing unique about it, except the fact that it is infused with diamond dust... well anyways here are the swatches..

Put A Ripka Ring On It - A pale pink creme with diamond accent. A little sheer but typical for Essie. This was done in four coats.

Queen of Hearts - Bright red creme. Two coats

Heart My JR Jewels - Deep brown creme. Two coats.

No application problems, dried fast. I was hoping that the diamond dusts will show more, but they are very very subtle. I only saw a few on the bottle and while applying them. Other than that they are not seen on the nails alone. But yup that's that. Time to go rest my sick body. *tears*


  1. I'm sorry that you don't feel good, I hope that you feel better soon!

  2. I hope you get better soon, being sick is the pits! These look great on you :)

  3. You poor thing! I'm so sorry your sick. Get as much rest as you can. Remember to eat chicken soup. How did you manage to do your nails while sick? I would have said the heck with it. Your nails look gorgeous. I'm not buying these. I thought the diamond look would be more apparent.

  4. gildedangel: thanks! I'm home in bed right now.

    Kae - Thanks Kae!

    Lucy - That's because I did these before I got sick haha. I feel like major doodoo, I'm home in bed right now kind of enjoying not having to go to work today!