Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone is out there enjoying themselves. Just going to do a quick post on several Halloween related mani's before I start getting ready to head out to watch the Yankee's game :) I just got home from work, and I am SO happy to be home. On with the nails!

Another one of those "pumpkin nail enamel" that I found at rite- aid. An ashy smokey gray packed with micro multicolored glitters! Flattering but not exciting.

This one was my first try at drawing the ghosts out. Didn't turn out super but I've tried. I was going to draw pumpkin like faces on the orange but I didn't have time. I've used the Orly's Halloween 2009 collection. Black creme = Liquid Vinyl. Orange creme = Orange Punch.

And here shown with Orly GOTH was the mani I stuck with for today's Halloween mani. Black creme packed with micro silver glitters. Reminds me of Dior Black Sequins (which is now rereleased for the holiday 2009 collection avaiable at

OPI Glow-Ink In the Dark - a glow in the dark cornflower blue packed with a few shimmers. (click to see the shimmers) It was quite sheer, this was done in four coats to achieve opacity.

And bam here's the glow!

OPI The Ghostess with the Mostess - a glow in the dark white creme. I used one coat of Rescue Beauty Lounge Underwear as the base and two coats of TGWTM.

And look at the gorgeous glow from this one! This one glows the most! I love it! Very spooky like especially when I went to bed at night and saw 10 nails glowing at me >_>

And then I topped it with China Glaze's Spellbound. A clear base coat mixed with copper, silver, and orange glitters. This one is my favorite of all. I love how it looks :)

And here's the glow with the glitters. Spooky!

I hope everyone have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!


  1. Wow! They're all so pretty and festive! I think your ghosts turned out great and you did such a good job photographing those glowy ones. I love the way the one with glitter turned out in the dark. Happy Halloween!

  2. Oh my gosh, those little ghosties are SO CUTE! :D

    I love them!

  3. Great manis, I love the ghosts!!!

  4. You ghosts are superb. Very cute. You did a great job.

  5. These glow in the dark polishes are so cool :-) Hope you had a fun holiday !

  6. Mary - yes the glitter one was my favorite!

    Asami - Thanks! I thought they didn't come out that great though!

    gildedangel - thanks

    Jodes - Thank you! xD

    Tuli - Yes they are! I hope you enjoyed the holiday as well!

    Skye - Thanks :)