Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Itty Bitty Parts of Essie Summer Collection

Yes I know, Summer is over. Even though the season is over, my nails don't change. I've only bought three of the six colors that came out, for those have caught my attention.

Lovie Dovie - Light pink creme. Please excuse the little indents. I was sick and went straight to bed and woke up with these xD

Cute As A Button - Light coral pinkish creme. This was my favorite of all three.

Chubby Cheeks - pink-orange-coral creme. Another interesting color. Also coral mixed with orange. This one is more orange than cute as a button.

That's all I have for you today. I am so overwhelmed by all these new polishes, that I've neglected all my old and untried nail polishes :( But eventually I will get to them. In the future, instead of posting a whole collection, I might just post NOTD. This have many pros: my blog will be updated daily (or as much as I can), and I will be able to get to my old polishes faster. I don't know about you guys but I enjoy seeing swatches of old nail polishes, because all these new polishes, pretty much every nail blogger has shown swatches of it.

BTW, have you guys seen the eBay auction on the infamous discontinued Clarins 230? I find it ridiculous. eBay is so evil! Why can't these companies just see how much people are willing to pay for their discontinued nail polishes. If they can remake them, I bet they'll make lots more. I also saw Starry Starry Night up on eBay as well and it went for a pretty high price too. SIGH!!

Oh and btw, I'm feeling a lot better ever since last week. I still got the sniffles and still coughing, but at least no fever xD


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