Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MAC Style Black

Good day everyone! I have for you today MAC's Style Black nail lacquers. I bought 2 or the 3 as the other one is just a plain black creme in which I have like tons.

Seriously Hip - a blackened gold-green. The gold flakes gives this color a shine. I like :)

Baby Goth Girl - red plum with copper flakes. The flakes doesn't show much on the nails but more on the bottle.

I went to the MAC store when these came out and was told they were all sold out. I ended up going to Nordstrom and asked for them, and the sales lady told me these were the last ones she had. I guess lucky me?

I also bought the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and the Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask. Let me tell you, the Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask was fun to use! Although I looked quite scary with a black mask on =X


  1. Baby goth looks so beautiful on you! Really nice :) You are lucky to have the last ones.

  2. That polish looks really nice on you!

  3. These are beautiful ! Baby Goth is my favorite (and I love that name ! :-)).They both look great on you :-)

  4. both of these are so great, i love them!!

  5. AllYouDesire - Yes they botha re nice hehe I'm glad I got them too

    gildedangel - thanks!

    Tuli - I love the name and the color too!

    kelliegonzo - I agree!

  6. Glad you got the polishes. I was going to buy the Volcanic Ash but I read a review somewhere and they said it wasn't worth the money. I say if you get pleasure from it than it's worth it. Hope it worked well for you.

  7. Lucy - volcanic ash was just fun to play with, i'm not even sure if its doing much for my skin >_>