Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OPI Suede Part I

Hi everyone! I am ... overwhelmed by school work. So overwhelmed that my nails are chipping and peeling and I don't even have the time to change it lol (I'm against chipping nail polish)

But anyways, finally got my hands on the OPI Suede collection. I've been dying to try them and I love them. They're a lot better than the Matte collection. I only have 3 of 6 to show for today, the other 3 should be up by tomorrow, or Thursday latest.

By the way, it is FREEZING here in New York. Just last week, the temperatures dropped from high 60's to low 40's. What the hell!

Ok enough, babbling..

We'll Always Have Paris - Soft purple rose with lots and lots of shimmers. Looks nothing like the original. I like the suede version a lot.

Russian Navy - navy blue matte again with lots of shimmers. Also nothing like the original. Why didn't they give these new names??

OPI Ink - I've noticed a lot of bloggers have trouble capturing OPI Ink's true color on camera. Of course it appears blue, but its more purple than blue in real life. This picture makes it seem like it's the exact same as Russian Navy. -_- Please ignore the dent on my index finger xD

I'm loving this collection so far, it was easier application than the matte, a lot smoother for sure. All were done in 2 coats. I've applied Essie's first base coat, as a base coat. Of course you gotta let it completely dry before applying the suede nail polishes.

That's all I have for you today, until next time!


  1. Great swatches, I love the Suedes too!

  2. I love the suedes. Thanks for another great picture of Paris, I really need to get this one too :)

  3. I love the Suedes too! I agree with you, none of them looks anything like the original! Lol! I have Russian Navy, OPI INK, and LPAD, might need to pick up We'll Always Have Paris as well, it looks gorgeous on you! Thanks for the swatches! : )

  4. gildedangel - Aren't they great?

    AllYouDesire - You're welcome! It's a must get!

    Wan - The whole suede collection is great :)

  5. Gorgeous looking nails! I just love the collection. I have to buy Ink, the more I see it the more I want it!