Wednesday, October 21, 2009

OPI Suede Part II

Part II of the OPI Suede collection! Promised you guys that I'd have it up soon! So I don't know what's going on with the weather right now, just last week it was low 40's now it's back up to high 60's. -_-

You Don't Know Jacques - This was my favorite of the whole collection. The shimmers just shows so much.

Suzi Skis In The Pyreness - charcoal shimmer. This reminded me a lot of the Zoya Loredana!

Lincoln Park After Dark - I must say this is my favorite 'version' of Lincoln Park After Dark. The purple shows, the shimmers give it a plus, the matte suede feel gives it a plus plus! I love this one as well.

My sephora order came to it, and I am loving all my new goodies :) My Essie Sweet Time of the Year collection also arrived today. Don't you just love it when your packages arrive with all these goodies?! I do!

And of course, I found out from Mary that today is Lucy's birthday. And I just want to wish her a Happy Birthday! Thanks for reading my blog and leaving comments that makes me smile! =) Hope your day is filled with happiness and love!

That's all I have for today :)


  1. I am wearing the original version of LPAD, but I like the suede version better!

  2. Thank you so much sweetie. I'm way behind in my reading of blogs. It's so nice coming across these birthday wishes. They make me so happy. I love the suede collection. I'm probably going to order all of them. I like them much better than the mattes. I can't replicate the suedes but I can add matte topcoat to the polishes. Your nails always look so gorgeous.

  3. gildedangel - the suede version is definitely better

    Lucy - You've been very busy! I was like oh no where did Lucy go?! I hope you enjoyed your birthday :)