Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Borghese Serena Nail Laquer Mini Kit

Hi guys! Catching up on my posts. Today I have the Borghese Mini Kit in Serena. I found this mini set at Rite-Aid in which I forgot the price.. it was around $7.99 - $9.99 a little pricey for mini's but there was one color in there that looks absolutely stunning!

These polishes don't have names, so I'm just going to label them 1, 2, 3, and 4 (according to the order they came in)

I found this pouch a little cute. And mini's are just so adorable! It's like the babies of regular sized nail polishes!

#1 - a brown based creme packed with silver glitters. Sheer but three coats did the job.


#2 - My favorite of the bunch! A gorgeous charcoal gray, green, purple, blue duo chrome. It looks absolutely stunning! I hope Borghese makes a big bottle of this. I tried my best to picture all the colors. But I can't seem to really capture the green or the purple. I love this one.

#3 - A clear base with red, pink, purple, and blue glitters. I bet it looks amazing as a top coat over a dark purple base (like #4)

#4 - A vampy purple shimmer. Looks like a plain jane, but I like it. I just wished I tried the glitter #3 over it. Bet it would look amazing.

This is my first time trying Borghese nail polish. And I am satisfied. Mini's were quite harder to apply because of the size, but application was flawless. No streaks and no clumps. I'm looking forward to trying more Borghese nail polishes in the future :)

I'm done with two of my hardest exam's today. And I have one more to go!


  1. I picked these up for someone in Canada last week and I told myself I didn't need them. But now that I see them on your nails, I need to go back and get them! I thought they were pretty in the bottles, but I tried showing some restraint. So much for that, and I'll blame you :)

  2. these are soo cute such pretty colours

  3. How cool! I saw these in Walgreens today as a matter of fact, and didn't buy them because I'd never tried Borghese and wasn't sure about the quality. Looks like I will be taking my butt right back to Walgreens tomorrow, though!! :) Thanks for the review!!

  4. I love the brown polish. I've been trying to find these for weeks. No luck. I'm sure they'll turn up sometime.

  5. Mary - You always make me get nail polishes too! So it's only fair :)

    gildedangel - yes they are :)

    Skye - Don't you just love the duochrome one?

    Jennifer - Definitely need to get this mini kit! It's awesome!

    Lucy - I hope you find them soon! Try other rite-aids or walgreens!

  6. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  7. I got these and love them. In facts the brown one is a sheer black with really fine red shimmers, small red and silver glitters, and slightly bigger other silver glitters. Try to layer it over a black polish it looks awesome!
    I wish they would do those in full size.

  8. 徵信社 - Thank you! Once again, I do not know Chinese =X

    Anonymous - That sounds like a great idea! Thanks!

  9. I live on OPI's Bubble Bath but have decided to turn my nail polish color on its head for the holidays...this is clearly the perfect way to do it! Thanks for your photos and thoughts. Im off to the drug store for this kit!