Friday, November 20, 2009

Dior Silver Purple Holiday 2009

Happy Friday! And no work for me tomorrow woohoo! SO! Today I have for you ladies Dior Silver Purple. This is my first time trying out Dior nail polishes and let me tell you what my smart-arse did. As I was getting ready to put the nail polish, I was trying to open it.. and I couldn't. I used all my force and might and it still didn't budge. So I'm like what the hell?! Getting frustrated, I was about to just give up and paint my nails a different color..

Here's a bad webcam pic of the bottle for you guys.

But wait! Long and behold!

Who would've knew?! *smacks forehead* I didn't know it was like Chanel nail polish bottles. I mean I should've known that since most square bottles are like that. But yes it did take me a good 5 minutes to figure that out... blah haha

Dior Silver Purple - in the sun! This was taken early in the morning at 7 am as I was getting ready to leave for work, hence the orangey-ness. You barely see any purple, but when I asked my boyfriend if he liked this color he's like what is it purple? So I guess there is some hint of purple in there. Shimmery charcoal purple I would call it. Love it. Done in 3 coats. Two did the job though.

And here under fluorescent lights, you can see more of the 'silver'.

Application flawless. I love nail polishes like these that causes no trouble and doesn't make me wanna throw the polish out the window. It wasn't thick or gooey. It was just perfect.

This is out for the holiday collection available at and However, for $18, it's a wallet killer >_<

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


  1. I'm not laughing at you, but that made me laugh :) Such a pretty shade, reminds me a little of SH Opulent Cloud only with more violet.

  2. Not getting the hype about this or Opulent. These kind of polishes have been going around for years. I have cheapo Streetwear stuff like this.
    Used to like this sorta thing but maybe I'm too old. Glad it's a good consistency though (at that price!).

  3. i'm with jaljen.. i dont get all the hubub, with thi color or with opulent cloud.

  4. Mary - It's ok I was laughing at myself after wards the whole time :) I'm glad it made you laugh tho :D

    gildedangel - thanks!

    jaljen - I agree with you. These nail polishes are totally not worth $18 at all. When there are similars out there for fraction of the price. Why did I get it? Because I love Dior and always wanted to try their nail polishes!

    Jodes - I love it too :)

    augusta - I have opulent cloud but I bought it not from the hype. I love grayed out nail polishes like them :)

  5. Gorgeous shade on you. I won three Dior's and I was so thrilled. I've never owned any before. I bought one myself, Lemon Balm. This really looks pretty. I had a heck of a time trying to get the lid of a couple of them. I laughed also because I did the same thing.

  6. Lucy - Thanks! Silly us with the bottles haha. Dior polishes are nice. I love them! I haven't tried Lemon Balm yet!