Thursday, November 12, 2009

Illamasqua Rampage

Finished my last midterm for this semester! Now I just have the finals to worry about :(

So today, I have Illamasqua's Rampage to show. I'm sure many have seen this color already, or probably own it. I had this for awhile, and I would've expect to swatch this right away, but I totally got distracted by all the new polishes that were delivered to me.

Anyways, it's my first time trying out Illamasqua. Absolutely no complaints here. Smooth, perfect formula. However, I did this in 3 coats, just because...I want to. Two coats would've been fine. Definitely more Illasmasqua products for me in the future :)

Rampage - dark green creme. Look at this beauty. It's so gorgeous. Perfect in every way. The perfect dark green polish. No flaws. Definitely worth $14. Thank you Illasmasqua!


  1. very pretty i love greens
    and im dyinggg to try out

  2. oohhh i've been wanting this polish forEVER! it looks amaaaaazing on you!

  3. I love this green. I think I might have to put this on my Santa's list!

  4. i want to try out this line really badly also! booo why isnt it here in the US. sephoras website only has this one pink color. yuck

  5. Skye - I love greens too and this is by far one of my favorites!

    gildedangel - yes it is!

    kelliegonzo - Must get it!!

    Jodes - I love it too and you must get it :D

    Ange-Marie - Sephora website keeps having it out of stock and stores don't even have it! But I got lucky!

  6. I just bought this during the Sephora sale. Looks lovely on you. I'll be buying more also.

  7. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  8. Lucy - Thanks a bunch! I bought Milf when it was on sale. Excited to try that!.

    徵信社 - Hi! Thanks! And I'm sorry I don't know how to read Chinese =X