Sunday, November 29, 2009

More China Glaze Glitters (Last batch)

My last set of China Glaze's glitters. As you can tell I didn't buy much. But chose carefully the ones I really wanted, which was quite hard. The ones you're about to see today are mostly for top coats, but I think they look fine alone beside seeing my nails..

Techno - a clear base with multi-sized glitters. This one is my favorite because it's so unique. I love the big dots of glitters that stands out. Reminds me of a disco ball.

Stellar - a medium beige/brown shimmer. Gorgeous shade. Really natural and love it.

Shooting Stars - clear base coat packed with micro glitters and a few big glitters. Probably would look hot over some colors.

Medallion - clear base coat with mostly gold glitters but it's multicolored as well. I've always wanted to have gold glitters on my nails haha.

Well that's all I have today. I'm also planning a small contest soon (which will be my first giveaway). More details on that later on.

Enjoy your Sunday, and don't dread for Monday's like I am.


  1. I bought these one too, except for Stellar, I think, and I'm very pleased with them - I really love the idea of CG to do this glitter collection :-)

  2. gildedangel - thanks!

    Tuli - I love them!

  3. They all look delightful on you. A party on your nails. I made a mistake and layered on Techno heavily. It took me 3 and 1/2 hour to get it off my nails! It just wouldn't budge. Usually I don't have a problem getting off glitter. I guess just don't layer it on like a mad woman.

  4. Lucy, your comment made me laugh! I didn't dare try to leave Techno on my nails for longer than 5 minutes. Although I did try putting it over a black polish, and the next day I had a lot of trouble removing it. T_T glitters.....*sigh*