Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Beauty Stash

So totally off nail polish topic. But I was organizing my Sephora Train Case and decided to take pictures of majority of the cosmetics that I own.

These are all my tools; make-up brushes, tweezer, eye-lash curler, eyebrows trimmer. And my favorite Kat Von D eye brush set!

The face section, just a few Nars bronzer, blush, Smashbox Foundation Primer, bare escentuals mineral ID, matte foundation, mineral viel, and MAC's beauty powder and a blush I never used. Oh and a Cargo bronzer I got as a free sample from Sephora.

These are the lips section, just a few lip glosses, and very little lipsticks. I'm more of a chapstick girl. I barely wear lip gloss or lipsticks. Just a mix of Dior, Mac, bare essentials, Murad to name a few.

Eyes - Fake eyelashes that I never even tried. Concealers, Anastasia eye brow gel. Lots of Mascaras ranging from Dior, Chanel, CoverGirl, Urban Decay. And plenty of eyeliners. These are what I wear daily. Mascara and eyeliner is a must have for me!

Some of my shadows from Nars, Urban Decay, Victoria's Secret Very Sexy, Lorac, bare escentuals, Laura Mercier, Dior, and smashbox.

And here are my favorite eyeshadows. Kat Von D eye shadow palettes.

Smashbox Eye Wish Palette

The inside. Never got to try this yet.

And here's everything inside the case. Prior to organizing I thought I needed to buy a new case because everything was cluttered and barely had any room to find stuff. But I guess the organizing helped.

I am also waiting for my Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol II to come. So excited!!


  1. Love your stash! I'd be glad to have those Kat von D palettes, they look great! =)

  2. What a great collection you've got there !!! Love your eyeshadows palettes ! Thank you for sharing :-)

  3. nihrida - Thanks! The Kat Von D palettes are amazing!

    Tuli - you're welcome Tuli! And thank you!

  4. Is that a hello kitty tinted lip conditioner I see in pink fish?! I'm jealous! I wish I would have bought it when hello kitty was at the MAC counter, because lately i've been lusting over it and it's like 30 dollars on ebay :/

    Anyways, I just found your blog, and I like it a lot! :D

  5. Nice collection. I love Kat von D eye palettes. Her shadows are very pigmented. The last two that came out are my favorites. Sorry I can't remember the names.

  6. Caitlin - Yes it is! Wow I can't believe eBay scalpers are putting it up for $30 >:[ My bottle is close to empty. Wish they still have them in stock

    Lucy - Thanks! Yes I love Kat Von D's palettes. They're amazing. I can't really remember their names either >_>