Wednesday, November 18, 2009

OPI Sunbelievable Summer 2009

So yes, I'm like a season late. But better late than never haha I totally forgot I had these until I was organizing my stash to pick the ones that I've never tried and I'm like wow I never had this color on my nails! I finally separated my stash and now have an "untried" stash so now I'm more organized and update faster!

So yes this collection came out in summer and they're summer colors. But there's no rule for me whether I can wear bright nails when it's fall time. :) Is there? >_>

Sea? I Told You - a gorgeous aqua blue shimmer. Holy smackeroles is this color gorgeous or what? I had this on for 3 days! So shimmery, so shiney, so lovely!

I'm His Coral-Friend - an orange coral creme. This hurts my eye a little lol.. This was pretty sheer (like most of the collection) nothing exciting about this one.

If The Fucshia Fits.. - a hot pink fucshia shimmer. Again ntohing so amazing about this one except it's an eye popping color.

Banana Bandanna - sofy butter yellow pastel. Wow! I love this one! My favorite. Although this was a b*tch to put on (FIVE coats!!) it was worth it. Absolutely gorgeous. If you look REALLY REALLY closely at the bottle there's tiny micro glittery shimmers.

This collection was mediocre. Only Banana Bandanna and Sea? I Told You is the one that stands out the most. Definitely two unique colors. All four were very sheer which needed 3+ coats. Other than that, no complaints :)

So that's that, a side note: Trans Design e-tailer has the China Glaze Ooh Ahz Returns available for ordering. Order soon! :)


  1. I love Sea? I Told You!, it is fun to wear on your toes!

  2. i have bandana banana!
    i like it, although i've only worn it once. i used four coats. i'm currently looking for a soft yellow like this one sans shimmer. have any suggetions?

  3. I LOVE THIS COLLECTION! banana and coral are my fav's. haha your comment about coral "hurting your eyes" made me LOL :)

  4. gildedangel - I should try that!

    augusta - I would say.. try Nubar Lemon Sorbet. There's Essie Bermuda Banana but that's long gone. That was the perfect soft yellow!

    kelliegonzo - I'm glad I mad you laugh :D It did hurt my eye a little haha

  5. I bought that If The Fucshia Fits.. yesterday and two layers wasn't enough :( But I still liked the colour, looked better on nails but it is hard to have right kind of picture of that colour.

  6. I just bought the coral, Dorothy Who? and C-c-courageous from Victoria Nail Design. I got them the other day. Now I have to order Sea? I Told You. They all look pretty on you.

  7. MaijuS - Very hard to capture the color on pictures -_- But I agree it looks gorgeous on the nails!

    Lucy - Thanks! Sounds like a great order. I love China Glaze for releasing this<3