Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Essie Ruby Red Slippers

Hi! I'm taking a break from studying for my finals to write a quick post and show you Essie's Ruby Red Slippers.

Three coats and a top coat.

Red base jampacked with reddish glitters. Absolutely gorgeous. I am glad I spent a little extra just to have this!

Really sorry to make this short, but I have two finals tomorrow, and two finals on Thursday. So I better get back to it :(


  1. Very beautiful! One of these days...

  2. This is the color I wear every Christmas. I just had to pay ebay scalpers a ridic amt of money for a replacement bottle. It is my fave Christmas polish. Ever.

  3. I also have two finals tomorrow! and took a little break from studying to check out the blogs, haha. :) anyways, i love this color :) so chirstmasy looking!

  4. I love this color and agree with Caitlin - very christmasy looking :-)
    Good luck on your finals darling, I'll cross my fingers for you !

  5. what a gorgeous colour<3 could you compare to the cg ruby pumps??:)

    good luck on your exams, fingers crossed

  6. Jessica - Thanks~!

    gildedangel - Yes it is I'm glad I bought it

    Ange-Marie - eBay is evil =_=

    Caitlin - I hope you did good on your finals!

    Tuli - Thanks :D

    KONADomania - I will compare to you for next post! Thanks for wishing me luck!