Sunday, December 6, 2009

Essie Winter Holiday Sweet Time of the Year

Hi my lovely readers! Today I have for you Essie's Winter Holiday Sweet Time of the Year collection. I was looking forward to this because of Mint Candy Apple. It is a gorgeous shade I must say.

Mint Candy Apple - A pastel aqua green creme. Definitely nothing like it compared to all the similar colors such as China Glaze For Audrey. I want to call this a mint green, but it leans more towards aqua than green. But whatever it's lovely! Three coats, no streaks, no fuss.

Lollipop - bright red creme. Ladies, I think I have found my perfect red creme nail polish. As many of you might or might not know, red nails does not appeal me. And this one I say suits me a lot! Even my co-worker (whom is a male) complimented saying "Oh wow red nails! They look great on you!" and I felt happy! (silly me I know) But this is by far the best red creme I've own. Completely opaque in one coat, but I did three :D

Lollipop topped with Lippmann's Happy Birthday. More reason for you to enter my giveaway in case you haven't yet. I thought it would just look nice over black or white creme base, but it looks stunning with a red base as well! Like confetti on my nails

Rock Candy - sheer nude pink. A typical Essie shade. A lot of people did not like this one because it was sheer, dadada. But I kinda like it! Took three coats and it looks like a natural french manicure.

And if you don't like sheers. They're great for base coats for konad designs.

Overall, I loved this collection. I thought I was gonna regret buying Lollipop and Rock Candy, but I didn't! I got my money's worth :)

That's all I have for you guys today. Until next time!

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  1. Great swatches, I have been loving MCA!

  2. Beautiful swatches. I still need to get this set.

  3. great swatches..i really want Mint Candy Apple

  4. gildedangel - Thanks! MCA is awesome!

    Jessica - Thanks!

    Mama Jen - You should get it :)

  5. Love that Mint Candy Apple. I have to order it. Lollipop looks so pretty on you. You should really wear reds they really do suit you. I don't like sheers so the Konad design looks fantastic.

  6. Lucy - Order it! It's gorgeous! Yes after this red I hope to find more reds!