Thursday, December 24, 2009

Finger Paints Winter/Holiday Collection 2009

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays thus far! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. So much is happening. My dog, Bebe, had to go into emergency Tuesday night because she was shaking/shivering and won't let us touch her. This never happened before hence we were concern. She's still inactive but at least she seems better now. Her poor eyes are affecting her :( and the vet said she is over-stressed. I, myself is still sick -_- I'm just coughing up a storm now. And it sucks and very annoying.

Moving on........

Finger Paints. First time ever trying this brand. These were available at Sally Beauty.

Snowman's Scarf - Bright medium red will bright gold shimmer. This one kind of reminds me of that limited edition Essie Love Beverley Hills or some sort like that. I will do a comparison soon for it!

Sparkling Snow - not the greatest picture.. sorry for that. A silver shimmer that has white and silver flecks on it. Very x-masy and sparkly.

Icy Iris - deep purple filled with many many shimmers. This one is gorgeous!

Evergreen Dream - dark green shimmer. and This is the best green ever. The shimmers are so visible even on the nail. It's amazing.

Decked with Dazzle - light mauve-pink shimmer. The shimmer on this one makes this color amazing. It's very unique.

Candy Cane Shimmer - light red shimmer (more pink toned) My nails broke once again boohoo.

All these were done in three coats. I am satisfied with the application. I had no problems at all. They applied smoothly and evenly. It wasn't too thin or leaky. I definitely want to try more Finger Paint polishes!

In case I won't be able to post tomorrow, I just want to wish everyone a merry christmas and happy holidays!!


  1. I never wished for any of these shades from previous swatches...but now I want Icy Iris and Evergreen Dream. =) Lovely nails!

  2. I love this collection! The only one I didn't get was Snowman's Scarf, and I don't feel like I missed out.
    I hope you feel better - and your puppy too!

  3. WOW ! I absolutely LOVE each one in this collection and this is rare ! I wish I could get them here too, they are gorgeous !

    I hope you and Bebe will feel better soon and I wish you a merry christmas :-)))

  4. nihrida - I didn't either! But something taunt me to buy them while I was at Sally Beauty -_- and thank you!

    Nicole - I love it too! Snowman's Scarf isn't all that!

    Tuli - Thanks! It sucks that you can't get them :( They should have these world wide >:o

  5. Icy Iris and Evergreen Green look wonderful! And your nails are gorgeous!
    Hope Bebe and you are feeling better now. ;)