Saturday, December 19, 2009 comparisons

Hey everyone! First off I am done with finals! *throws confetti* Second off, I'm sick. Like really really sick since Thursday. What a great way to start my break huh? I came down with a fever that's not going away. But I'm fine now. Just a little weak and stuff. Third of all, it's SNOWING here in New York!! First snow of the season. We barely get snow here in December, so this looks so beautiful out. I will take pictures of it as soon as more lands!

I'm doing my first ever reader request! KONADomania wanted to see a comparison between China Glaze Ruby Pumps, and Essie Ruby Slippers. This was all I could do today -_- I have no energy!

And on goes the comparisons.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Color Club Ruby Slippers, and Essie Ruby Slippers.

I added Color Club Ruby Slippers to the comparison because it has the same names and it's also red glitter!

Index and Ring: Essie Ruby Slippers
Middle: CG Ruby Pumps
Pinky: Color Club Ruby Slippers

It seems to me that Ruby Pumps and Color Club's Ruby Slippers are a lot similar. Essie's Ruby Slippers glitters are much more bigger. And the base is more of a wine-ish burgundy as to the other two a bright red. Essie's Ruby Slippers still wins my heart tho >_<

I hope the comparison helps!


  1. Hey, thanks a lot:) great comparison! essie also looks great, I own only ruby pumps:)

  2. and congratulations on finishing your finals! on to celebrating;)

  3. I agree, Essie RS is my go to red glitter. I'm on mysecond bottle and I adore it as much as the first time I put it on. Feel better soon!

  4. This is great, thank you so much for showing this! Is the Essie one LE?

  5. Aww, i'm sorry that you've been sick! I hope you feel better soon :( It's snowing here too! We got like 8 inches today, crazyyyyyy! And now that I think about it, it's kinda weird that almost every major nail polish brand has a color named something in reference to ruby red slippers, hahah :)

  6. KONDADomania - No problem and thank you! Glad I can help!

    Ange-Marie - It's a great red glitter

    Georgie-Dreams That Glitter - Essie's isn't limited edition but it is hard to find and discontinued.

    Caitlin - Too much snow I don't like it. I agree everything is Ruby pumps or Ruby slippers.

    Brooke - Thanks!