Saturday, February 6, 2010

China Glaze Up & Away Collection 2010

Hey guys! I finally got done with the Up & Away collection. And I must say this collection is AWESOME. The colors are just all so BRIGHT and vibrant! And the pastels are so perfect that I can't even complain about them. Fully pigmented and absolutely streak free applications. I've included a few webcam pictures to show more of the color differences. Maybe I should start taking pictures with my webcam since they are more accurate -_- It's just not as clear as my Nikon camera. Majority of them were shot with artificial light and some were shot with natural light. In my opinion not much of a big difference.

On with the swatches:

High Hopes - a bright pinkish orangey creme. Bright, but not my taste..

Heli-yum - helium haha clever anyways.. a bright deep pink creme. My pictures show similarity in heli-yum and high hopes, but they're not at all alike except the brightness. Believe it or not this was one coat.

Happy Go Lucky - a very bright lemony yellow creme. This is a gorgeous yellow with a no fuss application. No streaks, nothing. Two coats

Grape Pop - bright purple creme. Um wow. I think this is pretty close to the perfect purple creme I've been looking for. A little off but pretty damn close! Once again, purples are extremely hard to capture in photos -_-

Webcam picture of Grape Pop

Four Leaf Clover - bright teal green creme. *gazes at nails* I love this one! Although this one stained my nails terribly (my nails were aqua >_>) I had to file it down. I didn't mind tho but still not cool since I love this color so much :(

Flyin' High - bright aquaish teal creme. Just a creme version of Custom Kicks (which is shimmer)

Something Sweet - a soft pastel pink creme

Webcam picture of Something Sweet

Re-Freshmint - a pale mint creme. I love this one. I think it's my favorite of the whole collection.

Peachy Keen - light peach creme. I'm starting to love peachy colors! I can't decide where this is my favorite or Re-freshmint.

Webcam picture of Peachy Keen

Light As Air - an uber light lavender creme. It's a little close to white, but the lavender shows as well.

Lemon Fizz - a pale yellow creme. I repeat a pale yellow creme. Yes a flawless application pale yellow creme. Need I repeat myself?!

Playing with a few glitters from Color Club that are limited edition glitters

Color Club Japanese Glitter Fresh Mint over Four Leaf Clover matte - I think this is a stunning combo, for some reason I love seeing glitters matted. It just makes it stand out even more!

Color Club Limited Edition Pink Glitter exclusive to VNS over Something Sweet with some red konad designs. I can never remember the plate numbers sorry lol but I kinda like how this turned out too. Once again I apply matte top coat over this because of my obsession of matte glitters!

Phew! This was a long post, I think my longest. I'm going to get off the computer now and get some rest. I hope everyone have a good weekend. And I hope those in PA and NJ stay safe from that winter storm. I heard it was really bad. I guess New Yorkers got it lucky to only get a few inches while they got a few feet of snow :( stay warm you guys<3


  1. Great pictures!!!
    I LOVE ReFresh Mint and Lemon Fizz :)

  2. Great swatches, those are gorgeous!

  3. Ahhh I can't wait for my sally's to get these in! I keep calling... i'm sure they're annoyed with me xD. I haven't called yet this week though, since i'm pretty sure no one is even working there because of the storm! Ugh! Stupid snow storm is preventing me from getting these colors!

    Do you own China glaze turnned up turqouise by the way? I was wondering how it compares to four leaf clover... because I LOVE four leaf clover but if it's a dupe for turnned up turquoise i dunno if i'll be getting it!

    ...and peachy keen.. *drool*

    xx thanks for posting these!

  4. Brooke - Thanks! Those two are my favs too!

    gildedangel - Thank you!

    Caitlin - I do have turned up turquoise. I believe it's more 'aquatic' and blue tone than four leaf clover. Plus it's a shimmer and FLC is a creme >_>

  5. these are super colors for konadmani! Do you have any idea are they enough thick for konad desgin??