Monday, February 1, 2010


Oo this is my first time blogging about giveaways! Thought that would be fun and interesting.

First off!

The wonderful Tuli is having a giveaway for Valentine's Day romantic giveaway:

Look at all those lovely goodies! You can click on the picture that will direct you to her blog for more information!

Next up is a blog that I found recently! Painted Lady Fingers is giving away the Color Club Rebel Debutante Collection!

Again, you can click on the image for more information on her blog!

Gildedangel is celebrating her 300 followers and giving away the above 4 Milani 3D holo nail polishes! Click on the above picture to direct you to her blog for more information!


  1. Thanks for posting these!

    I see I'm on your blogroll (thanks!) but I changed my blog's name and url to make it easier to remember and to find for my international readers.
    It used to be "Een Minder Mutsig Nagelblog" and it's now "The Dutch Nail Blog". Would you mind updating your blogroll to show the correct link?
    The new url is:

  2. I'm hosting a giveaway, too although it's not for nail polish. (maybe next time!)

    I would love if you would participate in it! It's open worldwide.