Sunday, February 21, 2010

Milani 3D Holographics

Hey guys! As you all know Milani has launched a new collection called 3D holographics. Ever since the release information about these I was hunting for them. After two weeks of looking I've finally got my hands on these. I don't know if these are a must have for others but it was for me. I've only got three of the six collection.

I must say these are absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention their application were perfect in every way! All needed three coats for depth. It's smooth and no top coat was needed. On the plus side, they dry very fast!

Hi-Tech - a yellow green holo. This was my favorite of all. It shined from the rest. My picture is not 100% accurate but it's pretty close!

Hi-Res - a purple holo. This was my second favorite. It is gorgeous.

Cyberspace - an aqua blue holo. Another stunning color.

I found mine at my local CVS for $4.99. I think I'm going to go back for the gold and pink one. As there are many silver holos I have I don't think I need another one since I'm on a "no buy" streak. The last nail polishes I ordered was the BB Couture Hands of Hope collection. Only because it is being discontinued and I wanted it :) I was going to wait but can't wait on that, plus it's for a good cause!

That's all I have for today! I hope every enjoyed their weekend, and enjoy their upcoming week!


  1. I've seen these posted on a few blogs, and I guess I am the only lucky one...I found them for BOGO half price. I got them all. :)
    I am a holo whore

  2. Loving the Hi-Tech. Nice to hear the application is so good. My Nubar Reclaim is a b!tch and I have bad luck with holos generally. Must be doing something wrong.
    Yes, I too should get the Hands of Hope - or some of them. Good cause.

  3. Your pictures are very nice! :) they look gorgeous on you.

  4. You did really good capturing these, my camera didn't want to focus on them! I got four of these myself, I skipped the gold and the silver - the pink is GORGEOUS too. I really liked them!

  5. OMG. I sooo craving these ones. I wish I knew how to get my hands on them! You did a fabulous job capturing them on pic. :D

  6. Elizabeth - Oh wow half off! Very lucky indeed ;)

    jaljen - Nubar's reclaim was a weebit of trouble for me too. These won't be a problem for you I bet! They are smoooooooth!

    AllYouDesire - Thanks Edita!

    gildedangel - thank you :)

    Nicole - Thanks! It took a few snaps but out of like 239847234 one was actually good! Now I'm definitely gonna go get the pink one!

    laquermanic - There's no where to get it around your area?