Thursday, February 11, 2010

NARS Purple Rain for Spring 2010

Hey guys! After a day of being snowed in, today we got some sun here in New York and I was ecstatic >_> so I quickly decided to do a swatch that will look superb in the sun. I decided on NARS Purple Rain because you needed the sun to see the superness of the polish :)

NARS Purple Rain - a deep red toned purple with red and blue shimmers.

Total awesome color and gorgeous however I had slight problem with the application. This was done in two coats and it wasn't thick or streaky or anything. But the handle lol the square box was a little annoying to hold and apply so there were a few smudges here and there that I had to clean. Other than that no complaints at all.

To end this post, here is a picture of my backyard with the snow. This was only the beginning. I think we got about 9 inches of snow or so. I know other places got it worse. But honestly, I'm sick of Winter, go away already!


  1. Ahh, every swatch I've seen of this is a stunner! Love it. I may cave and buy it.
    I'm ready for some spring!

  2. Evil Angel - Yes it is

    Nicole - It's worth having!

    Lily nail - Thanks!

    gildedangel - Agree!