Monday, February 22, 2010

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

I got the Monday blues :(

I wish the weekend was here again. Ugh but anyways, this is an old picture that I realized I never posted but here you go!

OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape! Definitely better than the matte version.

Mint greens.. I just can't get enough!

And while looking through the pics I also found this.. I guess I tried to get a little creative with it haha

Also to let you guys know, Illamasqua pastel collection is now available at their website!


  1. I love the nail art! You did so well :) Hope you feel better. The week will pass quick and there will be friday soon again.

  2. I get those too. I'm ready for them to go away, haha!
    I love this polish, I had such a hard time getting decent pictures of it though. I think yours are great!

  3. You did SUCH A GOOD JOB with the nail art, it's like perfect, I love it! It reminds me of retro beach-wear... if that makes any sense? I could see someone in flordia in the 80's wearing a bikini that color, with that type of leafy print on it!


  4. AllYouDesire - Thank you! I'm feeling better already since Monday is almost over, which will bring us closer to Friday again haha

    Nicole - Thank you Nicole! Boo to Monday Blues :(

    Caitlin - Aww thanks!

  5. I love GGG, and your nail art is beautiful. There's never enough mints!

  6. Love this color on you! The nail art is really well done too, and I don't even really likenail art lol.

  7. Michele - Thanks a lot! Hearing you don't like nail art and saying it's well done makes me happy :)

    NY*NAIL*DIVA - Mint green's are beautifulllll