Thursday, February 4, 2010

ORLY Pixie Dust

Hello everyone. Today I have Orly's Pixie Dust from the Fall 2009 Once Upon A Time Collection. I am not going to buy any nail polish until I clear up at least two boxes of my untried nail polishes (can you imagine how many untried polishes I have? @_@) So bare with me, and I'll be delayed on reviewing newer collections.

Pixie Dust - a grayish blue base with silver micro-glitters. This is on one of my top favorite grays. I just love the shimmer on this.

This was done in two coats. Once again Orly's formula never seems to disappoint me. I love it!

I can't believe a week of school passed already. Time goes by WAY too fast..but I'm glad it is, that means the weather will be warmer faster, and school will be over faster, and summer will be here before you know it. *dreams*

Just thought I throw in a picture of Bebe! Ain't she lovely? :)


  1. Bebe is so cute! I love the polish too!

  2. Love it. Have it on my swatch list. It's just beautiful.

  3. I'm saving this photo, I have a special folder for most adorable dogs :D

    nails are great as always! :)

  4. Awwww, Bebe is soooo cute! Awww <3

  5. gildedangel - Thanks!

    laquermanic - Definitely worth getting

    xsplattergirlx - Aww that makes me happy! Thanks!

    Vitoria - Thank you :)