Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ORLY Wandering Vine

Hey guys! Today I have for you Orly's Wandering Vine from the Bloom Spring Collection. I only bought two colors from this collection, this and Wild Wisteria. Others just didn't appeal to me.

Anyways, Wandering Vine is your typical dark green creme. Although I did bottle comparisons for these I don't think there is a similar one. I love dark green cremes so although there were many similar I still liked this one.

Fully pigmented, required two coats for full coverage. I had no problems with this polish. I never really did have any problems with Orly nail polishes lol

So yes this is all I have for today. More coming soon :)


  1. It looks lovely on you! A very pretty green.

  2. Orly really have a good formula these days, can't wait to get my hands on that green. :)

  3. You can never have too many dark green polishes, and this one is absolutely gorgeous on you.

  4. I have enchanted forest from their collection before this so I am not sure, do I need it? :)

  5. gildedangel - Yes it is

    Maestra - Thanks!

    laquermanic - I love their formulas!

    WILLWORKFORFOODANDNAILPOLISH - I love your blog name haha it made me laugh! Green polishes makes me happy!

    xsplattergirlx - I don't think you really need it. I'll be doing a comparison on them real soon!