Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud

Good day all! New York is supposedly having another snow storm tomorrow. I am NOT looking forward to it. Just when all the snow melted from the last snow storm, another one comes. Boo hoo!!

So today I have Sally Hansen's Opulent Cloud. I bought this one day walking around Rite-Aid not knowing there was a big hype on this one. So I'm kind of glad I got it. I don't see it around anywhere anymore.

I must say Opulent Cloud is gorgeous. It is a gray/silver with flashes of gold. Applied smoothly in three coats. And my picture does not show the beauty of this polish.

So this is all I have for today!


  1. I have this color too and I love it!

  2. Oh yeah, this is a beauty. I found it early on in a Rite Aid, and then many months later, Walgreens had a display of them, so I snatched up two, one for the lovely Lucy, and one for a giveaway. It looks great on you!
    Yeah, I had a big snafu with my nameservers, and so I had to switch my domain name! I think it confused a lot of folks - and I didn't know how to let everyone know. :( I'm glad you stumbled across me again!

  3. gildedangel - It's lovely isn't it?

    Nicole - I also can't see updates via my dashboard :( even tho I unfollowed you and followed you again!

    Lily nail - Yes it is!