Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Barry M Mint Green

Hey everybody! Today I have for you Barry M's Mint Green. This is my first time trying Barry M nail polishes as I have never heard of them before because they're an international brand. I got this one off eBay because shipping was cheaper for it.

Mint Green - done in 3 coats *drools*

This was supposed to be a MAC Peppermint Patti dupe. Below I did a little comparison with the two colors, and it's not an exact dupe but it's very very similar.

Left is MAC and right is Barry M. As you can see Peppermint Patti is slightly brighter than Mint Green. For those who never got the chance to own Peppermint Patti, Barry M's mint green is a good alternative.

Oh these mint greens make me feel so dreamy.. :) haha

So I know I was suppose to be on a no-buy zone. But seriously, has anyone been successful at that? Those who follow me on Twitter, knows that I did a major haul for BB Couture nail polishes. And I also took advantage of Nubar's 20% off for St. Patty's Day. And since I was already buying nail polishes, I also ordered a few from Diamond Cosmetics, and Nfu-Oh. I need to make an order on TransDesign soon. I'm running out of nail polish remover.. yikes!

So that is all I have for today!



  2. I dont think we have Barry M here. I like that kind of green! Waaaa :(

  3. We have Barry M over here in the UK. They're awesome for bright colours, not just in nail varnish but in other makeup too. Although clearly nail varnish is the best way to get involved with bright colours.

    I have a glittery forest green (np299 Racing Green) from there which is great, especially as it was on a few pounds, prob around $4 for you. Cheap cheap! Although this isn't the best of it's colour around, some of the other colours are really magnificent. You really have to see them in person to realise how bright and gorgeous they are. They have also just released some new neon colours too. Check out their nail varnish range here:


    I'm sure there must be a stockist in the US somewhere. Or try Ebay.

    Thanks for this swatch. Love the colour! Mint green is AWESOME.

  4. NY*NAIL*DIVA: I agree!

    Miss Nikka: They're available in the UK only. But they do ship internationally!

    Anna Strzalek: Thank you for the information. I've tried looking for these polishes at salons and nail polish stores but none carries Barry M. I purchased this one through eBay